In recent years, photo booths have started gaining popularity, and are seen at all kinds of events, from bar mitzvahs, weddings to celebrity gatherings and family celebrations.  These always attractive additions provide hours of fun and excitement for friends, family, and guests of all ages and are the perfect party favor. I am going to give you some simple reasons you should have a photo booth at your next event or special occasion.

Keep Guest Mingling

Often when hosting an event or a special occasion, there are guest attending that do not know each other, or simply haven’t met yet. Having a photo booth as an attraction will help your guests to break the ice, and ease the tension. A well-placed photo booth is the perfect conversation starter, as guests get pulled into the booth for a picture with someone they did not know.

Take the Experience Online

Many photo booth’s come with an option to be connected to the internet and as such, have given guests the opportunity to take and share, their good times online. This integrated technology allows users to email their pictures to themselves, and hence, they are then able to share their goofy antics online, through all their favorite social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Create Fun and Lasting Memories

A photo booth is guaranteed to ramp up the fun and excitement levels at your next gathering, really pushing that entertainment factor to its limit. The novelty of having a photo booth experience is a memory that is sure to last long after the shenanigans are over. Some photo booths come specially equipped to allow on-site photo strip printing. Additionally, these photo strips can be branded to create a lasting souvenir of the event.

They Are an Affordable Option

You cannot put a price on laughter and smiles. You can however put a smile on the price of these booths. They are an affordable addition to your entertainment arsenal, and are guaranteed to be worth their weight in gold. Their fast rise in popularity has dramatically increased their accessibility, and they now come with a whole host of props and additional features.

Props Come Standard

Wacky props and gimmicks will have you and your guests in stiches as you move seamlessly from being a pirate, to a cowboy, to a wacky mustache-wielding English gentleman. The options are only limited by your imagination. Bring your own props to create even more eccentric and outlandish ensembles.

 Make It Personal

Personalize your booth to match your event theme. Roaring 20’s or the Wild Wild West, whatever suits your fancy. Customize your colors and borders to create the ultimate themed background, adding more of your own unique touch to the lasting memory of the event.

Of all the party tricks, games and gimmicks out there, I believe that the photo booth is simply the most entertaining and crowd-pleasing show around. Allowing the ultimate in photo creation and theme customization, the photo booth is perfectly geared to be the center of entertainment attention at your next gathering.

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