Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

In recent years, photo booths have started gaining popularity, and are seen at all kinds of events, from bar mitzvahs, weddings to celebrity gatherings and family celebrations.  These always attractive additions provide hours of fun and excitement for friends, family, and guests of all ages and are the perfect party favor. I am going to give you some simple reasons you should have a photo booth at your next event or special occasion.

Keep Guest Mingling

Often when hosting an event or a special occasion, there are guest attending that do not know each other, or simply haven’t met yet. Having a photo booth as an attraction will help your guests to break the ice, and ease the tension. A well-placed photo booth is the perfect conversation starter, as guests get pulled into the booth for a picture with someone they did not know.

Take the Experience Online

Many photo booth’s come with an option to be connected to the internet and as such, have given guests the opportunity to take and share, their good times online. This integrated technology allows users to email their pictures to themselves, and hence, they are then able to share their goofy antics online, through all their favorite social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Create Fun and Lasting Memories

A photo booth is guaranteed to ramp up the fun and excitement levels at your next gathering, really pushing that entertainment factor to its limit. The novelty of having a photo booth experience is a memory that is sure to last long after the shenanigans are over. Some photo booths come specially equipped to allow on-site photo strip printing. Additionally, these photo strips can be branded to create a lasting souvenir of the event.

They Are an Affordable Option

You cannot put a price on laughter and smiles. You can however put a smile on the price of these booths. They are an affordable addition to your entertainment arsenal, and are guaranteed to be worth their weight in gold. Their fast rise in popularity has dramatically increased their accessibility, and they now come with a whole host of props and additional features.

Props Come Standard

Wacky props and gimmicks will have you and your guests in stiches as you move seamlessly from being a pirate, to a cowboy, to a wacky mustache-wielding English gentleman. The options are only limited by your imagination. Bring your own props to create even more eccentric and outlandish ensembles.

 Make It Personal

Personalize your booth to match your event theme. Roaring 20’s or the Wild Wild West, whatever suits your fancy. Customize your colors and borders to create the ultimate themed background, adding more of your own unique touch to the lasting memory of the event.

Of all the party tricks, games and gimmicks out there, I believe that the photo booth is simply the most entertaining and crowd-pleasing show around. Allowing the ultimate in photo creation and theme customization, the photo booth is perfectly geared to be the center of entertainment attention at your next gathering.

Photo Booth Attraction and Hire

When the day of your big event arrives, worrying about how guests are going to interact with each other and get along, is not something you should have to worry about. Yes, it can be rather awkward seeing guests standing around, not really knowing each other and struggling to break the ice. Well those days are now a thing of the past, the second you decide to incorporate a photo booth into your special occasion. A photo booth is the perfect distraction from the awkwardness of people not interacting, desperately seeking something to break the air of tension.

Photo Booth Attraction

The mere presence of a photo booth is enough to completely change the mood, no matter how dire the awkwardness of the situation. Providing people with the platform and opportunity to show off their “class-clown” side, while dressed in their best, it is the perfect ice breaker for any and all occasions. The photo booth has become a standard at weddings, birthday, conferences, team building events, and so many more, and it’s easy to see why.

Modern day photo booths come equipped with the latest in digital technology and software. The online sharing capabilities will make your unique experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Share the good times you had across all your favorite social media platforms, and add some personal messages to really leave a lasting memory. The photo-strips can be printed on the spot, and the memories kept for a lifetime. The attraction of a photo booth is about what it can do for you and that, is really limited only by your imagination.

Photo Booth Fun

Without a huge element of fun attached, the photo booth would undoubtedly be less appealing. Photo booths bring with them a massive amount of fun and freedom, allowing people to show off their silly side, while sharing a well-deserved laugh. Geared with props for amusement and shenanigans, these photo booths sessions are certain to have you in stiches. For added elements of fun and ambiance, some photo booths have been fitted with LED lighting to really change the mood, and set the scene. Bring friends and family together to capture a fun and zany photo of those closest to you. These booths are simply put, the most enjoyable way to make lasting memories.

Photo Booth Hire

Hiring a photo booth may sound like a bit of a daunting task but let me assure you, there are professionals out there that have made it easy and absolutely pain-free. Even though a photo booth comes offering so much already, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Making use of a professional photo booth company will make your photo booth experience a fun and enjoyable one, without a doubt. Most companies give you the choice of how you would like to personalize your photo booth experience. Different backdrops, props, lights, color schemes, unlimited photos, different personal message options, social media sharing options, HD video messaging, and so much more. Professional companies like Photo booth rental Richmond Hill, have covered all the bases when it comes to creating the ultimate photo booth experience and they have done it well.

I sincerely hope that this has shed some necessary light on the world of photo booths as well as their custom and hire options. These are great entertainment stations that are bound to be a hit at any event or gathering. Go ahead, turn up the fun at your next event and have absolutely no regrets.

Photo Booth Fun and Exclusivity

The massive amounts of fun that can be had with a photo booth are incredible, not to mention the lasting memories and experience that will make your special day last a lifetime. Whatever the occasion; a wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, or just a special family reunion, a photo booth is guaranteed to both spice up the fun and give you a feeling of exclusivity. Capturing your special moments and turning them into more memorable occasions, a photo booth is always a welcome addition to any get together. Perfect for entertaining guests throughout the night, with the added benefit of them getting to take those memories home with them on their memorable photo strips.

So, What Can a Photo Booth Offer You?

A photo booth at any gathering is bound to be a hit, no matter what. The number of features and uses for these amazing party favors is untold. From creating guest interactions and breaking the ice, to making new friends and filling the air with laughter, these booths have got it all.  Today’s photo booths are something to behold.

Equipped with the latest and greatest in digital technology, photo booths have revolutionized the way memories are made and stored. Equipped with the ability to take messages and personalize photos with those messages, these booths will make sure that you leave a lasting and exclusive impression. Some photo booths offer a guestbook service, whereby they take one of each photo taken during the event, and add it to your own personal guestbook. How cool is that?

Party booths can often fit up to ten people at a time, so that the fun times are even more memorable. Being able to control their photo booth experience directly through a touch screen monitor, users have total control over their choice of background and borders.  The HD quality video allows guest to leave congratulatory messages or well wishes. Good times can only be had with this party-partner at your side.

The Exclusivity of the Booth

The photo booth brings with it the added element of creating exclusive moments and memories that are bound to stay with you and your guest for years and years to come. The personalization of messages will make each and every one an exclusive look at your night and yourself, through the eyes of your favorite people. Some booths can be customized with exterior LED lights to really get things going, or a color changing option may be better suited to the occasion. Whatever the occasion, a photo booth, and all that it has to offer, is a great way to really bring your event to life, and share those memories with everyone in attendance. Your night will be remembered for many years after, with photos, videos, and personalized messages filling the memory banks and social media albums.

The fun and excitement added by a photo booth is simply unmatched. The guest interactions, acting the fool, putting on your best silly face and just having a good time is what these booths are all about. If you are having an event and want something that is going to change the way you host parties, and delight for years to come, then a photo booth is the answer you have been looking for.

Different Kinds of Photo Booths

The photo booth seems to be making a rather vigorous comeback in modern day. Sparking demand for newer and more intricate designs, sharper imagery, updated technology, along with the upgrade in antics that have made the photo booth so great over the years. A glamorous addition to any event or party, these memory-makers have been tailored to suit custom needs throughout their design history.  I am going to take you down that fun and colorful road right now, as we take a look at the different kinds of photo booths making the rounds today.


Over the years, traditional photo booths have kept their basic box-shaped design, while designers have tweaked a few things here and there, to customize these booths to better suit one’s style and preferences.

Vintage Style:

The vintage style booth is constructed using a sturdy frame, while retaining the basic look of the original photo booth. These machines have been fitted with the latest digital technology, offering users a computer screen with which to check their poses, and select different options and photograph features. Many of these booths come fitted with a bench, and can comfortably fit 2/3 people.

Retro Style:

Retro style booths have evolved from their Vintage predecessors, keeping many of their similar aspects. The internal screen offers users high-quality prints via the latest in digital technology and components, and it has been specifically built for the photo booth rental industry. Both the Vintage and Retro style booths have been designed to capture facial expressions in a classic photo-strip look.

Modern Style:

Made of panels, curtains, or walls, these booths are designed to be bigger than the Retro booths, and are ideal for photographing a large group of people at once. Fitted with an internal computer screen, users can strike their ultimate pose while knowing when the photo will be taken. Modern style photo booths do not come with a bench or seat, and are designed for users to be standing freely.


A Kiosk refers to any photo booth that looks like a column structure. They do not typically come with a backdrop or enclosure, and users use mirrors or a screen to check their pose. The big advantage to the Kiosk style is that there is no limit to the number of people that can potentially be in the shot. Kiosks can also be referred to as “print stations”, as they facilitate the printing of instant pictures taken by mobile devices (using Instagram) or a photo booth.


A photo booth hire set up makes use of a photographer, who uses their camera to snap up pics while guests act the fool. These can be either open or closed, with an interchangeable backdrop or partitioning options.


Novelty photo booths are where you are going to find all the latest crazes in the realm of photo boothing. Often kitted with Slow-Mo video booths, mirror booths, GIF booths and Instagram printing kiosks, these booth options are more often than not operating as tricked out cars or caravans. These can get really fun. Novelty photo booths often incorporate cartoon characters right into your photo’s, taking this experience to the next level.

I hope that these have helped you to settle on the best photo booth for your next event. All their unique design and entertainment elements have geared these guys to be the life of your next get together. Bring your own props and create memories that last a lifetime.

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